Saturday, November 30

HR Interview Questions

HR Interview ::

1.Tell about yourself.

2.Your strengths and weakness.

3.why ur leaving ur present company?

4.What u know abt our company?

5.In 5 yrs where do u see urself?

6.what is ur career objective(career goal)?

7.what r ur achievements?

8.what r ur hobbies?

9.Name the recent book u have studied ?

10.Name the characters in the recent movie u saw?

11.Who is the CEO of our(any company)?

12.How u think ur eligible for this position?why we should hire you?

13.May be some case studies?

14.How you compare yourself among other students appearing for interview.

15.If in the company you will be given a project that you have to do in a skill which you are not comfortable with , what will you do ?

16.May ask about ur family?

17.Any questions you want to ask.

18.Tell about ur present company?

19.Extracurricular Activities?(Like sports,Seminars and Workshop)

20.Read about the Company profile to which ur attending....

21.How can you substantiate that you have good leadership and organizational skills ?

22.What are the headlines in today's newspaper ?

23.Where do u see urself in 2 years?

24.U got a girl friend?

25.How ur classmate or a friend describe u?

26.Which companies u have attended so far?

27.Why ur not Selected for those Companies?

28.How u will manage a stubborn Boss?
29.can u be relocated anywhere in India?

30.Career aspirations....

31.How did you get into computer science? 

32.What kind of technical publications (print or online) do you read on a regular basis?

33.If you could recommend one resource (book, web site, etc.) to a new software developer just out of school, what would it be?

34.What was the most interesting project that you worked on?

35.What was the most challenging project that you worked on?

36.If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Technical Interview::


1.Tell me about urself.
2.About ur work in present company?(current job responsibilities)
3.why u want to change ur job?
4.what r ur favourite subjects?(c,c++,DBMS,SE)******                                          
5.Explain ur academic project?(most vital for freshers)******

More HR Interview Que ::

1) Market urself ?
2)  Why this company?
3)  Will u switch over to any other company after joining company? If NO then why?

4)  R u mobile? ( R u ready to go anywhere ?)

5)  R u ready to go to places of extreme temperature. If yes what do u think of ur safety?

6)  What are the requirements for leadership quality ?

7)  Why u switch over to s/w from ur own back ground?

8)  What are the qualities required for a s/w engineer and Project manager?

9)   Rate ur good qualities?

10)  What is the difference between hard and smart work?

11)  Do u have a plan of doing higher studies?

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